Division: The Long Way


Like I said last time, this time we’re going to be talking about teaching long division.  It may seem easier to just put the information into a calculator and find the correct answer but we need to teach kids that long division can be fun and easy as well.  That’s why we, as teachers, need to convey this to the students.  No matter what age we teach this it’s important that it’s done right and with the right tools.  I’ll try and give you what I would use to teach my students long division and that it’s not as big and scary as they might think.


This is a great video that uses cartoon characters to illustrate long division and how to work out problems.  Its a great video for the classroom and is one of the best ways I found to teach long division.


This video incorporates a popular song with teaching long division and will definitely help and get this song stuck in their heads.  This video teaches a bit more advanced long division with decimals in long division and how to work them out.

Teaching long division can seem impossible at times but once the concept is learned its so much fun to use and makes future math much easier.  This is where I’m gonna cut it off for today, but before I go the math blogger of the day is http://ispeakmath.org/middle-school-math-blogs/ This blogger has great teacher resources for middle school Algebra and Geometry teachers.


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